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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  November 15, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, county clean-up. nine more people arrested as
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there is a crackdown on corruption. county executive jack johnson back on the job today, three days after he and his wife were arrested. and picking up the pieces, the incoming county executive rushern baker tries to reassure residents that prince george's county is moving forward. i'm scoot scott -- scoot broom in greenbelt where the county investigation has widened to include three police officers and to include smuggling. search warrants targeted tick tock liquors. the owner and police officers were charged. >> these defendants agreed that amrik sing melhi would pay officers to assist in the transport and distribution of
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untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> this case and the case announced on friday are among that series of related investigations. we're not at liberty to talk about what the relationship may be. >> reporter: bruce johnson, in prince george's county. jack johnson left his home in mitchellville at mid morning. it appeared to be business as unusual. the wife soon followed in a separate vehicle. >> just one time, the prince william -- i just want the citizens of prince george's county to know that i'm going to remain strong, i'm going to finish what i started. >> reporter: prince george's county executive said he's heard from a thousand people since his stunning arrest on friday for trying to destroy what prosecutors say is $100,000 bribery check. his wife leslie johnson was also arrested after fbi agents allegedly found nearly $80,000 in cash stuffed inside her bra
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on friday. gone today was the defiance and some say jack johnson may have med a mistake on friday when he professed his innocence and they say if there is a plea bargain or a conviction, a judge and prosecutors will remember that. incoming prince george's county executive rushern baker met with the press this evening and was peppered with questions about corruption in prince george's county. but instead, he wanted to talk about what he called kitchen table issues like unemployment, and jobs. >> whether it's job growth, transit-oriented development, new business opportunities, comprehensive health care improvement and of course a top- ranked school system. >> reporter: leaving the building, baker was faced with reporters asking again what about corruption? >> why are you walking away from that question? >> what we're focused on are the needs of the people of prince george's county. they want to make sure there is
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a first-rate government in place, that we're addressing job opportunities and addressing our school system. well several of you wanted to talk about corruption. you e-mailed me about it. we'll share your thoughts later on in mcginty's mail bag. well nearly a decade ago her disappearance helped to drive a congressman from office and now the jury is set to decide if this man, ingmar guandique was chandra levy's real killer. the closing arguments are set to start tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and after the judge instructs the jury, the verdict will be in their hands. prosecutors today dropped the attempted robbery and kidnapping charges against the gang member but the felony murder charges remain. a former alabama state trooper has pled guilty to manslaughter in the 1965 killing of a man whose death triggered the historic civil rights march. james fowler entered a plea of guilty. it was known as bloody sunday when it was turned back by
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state troopers. that march helped to lead to the passage of the voting rights act. an update on the infant found inside a trash bag outside of a church over the weekend. fairfax county police released these pictures of the baby and the thing on the right is the bag it was found in. a parishioner found that little girl on sunday morning outside of a church on springfield. so if you know this child or who her parents could be, please call the police. after two weeks of talk about two minutes, the redskins have a chance to change the headlines tonight and they started this afternoon when word broke of a brand new $78 million contract for quarterback donovan mcnabb. 9 sports director brett haber live at fedex with a preview of tonight's game and as much as we know about the big dollars for mcnabb. >> reporter: well, derek, maybe mike shanahan was trying to knock the price down or some form of negotiating, but whatever his problem was with mcnabb, he seems to have
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resolved it in his head sufficiently enough to be able to offer donovan the huge sum of money to stay here for a long period of time. the team confirming the deal about an hour ago. it is $78 million over five years and could get bumped up to $88 million with incentive and $40 million is guaranteed. apparently that benching did not deter them from committing to mcnabb long-term. i spoke with donovan's agent, fletcher smith, a few minutes ago about getting the deal done. >> it's something that we talked about obviously since the trade. and he just loves d.c., he loves it here, loves the area. fans have been great. the team has been great. he was absolutely elated to get it done today. >> reporter: from a statistical standpoint it's not been a great year for mcnabb and some may question whether he's worth the money the redskins paid to
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him today. remember, he has just seven touchdown passes and eight interceptions in the first eight games of the season and his quarterback rating of 76 is his lowest since his rookie year of 1999. a lot of people would say that's due to the offensive line. but either way the redskins comfortable giving mcnabb a lot of money tonight. he'll take on the eagle on monday night football. back to you. >> we'll sure he'll be in a good mood and throw for four touchdowns. >> reporter: right on. and the monday night rush hour could be rough and richard andre is here. >> the inner loop is slow all the way back into virginia from around the dulles toll road past the american legion bridge through montgomery and the prince george's county all the way to landover road because of commuter traffic and ballgame traffic so avoid that stretch of the beltway at all costs until past the beginning of the game. that is going to be a mess for
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sometime as you can imagine. better off northbound on 270, slowing above the beltway to about 370. all lanes continue open there. just a couple of taps of the brake lights. southbound 395 in virginia looks like we recovered along 395 between king street and duke. we'll call it moderate traffic. derek. well another big question for the fans tonight. the weather? topper is out on the terrace with some answers. topper, is it going to rain? >> i think it will rain before the game is out. it might get there before the second half begins. let's go to the graphics. good news is not super cold, but cloudy and school and showers by the second half. winds light and temperatures primarily in the 50s. satellite radar picture, radar combined, it is on our doorstep and by that i mean showers and rain. it is headed through richmond and through charlottesville. we'll come back and tell you what it mines to -- means to your morning and evening
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commute. growing backlash over the tsa x-ray and patdown procedures. i'll have that story coming up. but first the neighborhood push to be a little greener. we're checking news where you live up next.
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back yow with a gren alert. this is national recycling day. this weekend montgomery county department of environmental protection offered residents free paper shredding and recycling in gaithersburg and silver spring. you can find out more news from your neighborhood at all you have to do is click on the where you live tab at the top of the home page. if you have a story or tip, we want it. contact us and be part of the team. in florida a used truck dealership making headlines with the latest offer. get this, buy a truck, get a free ak-47 assault rifle. the general sales manager said
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it's working, business has more than doubled since they announced the promotion. customers get a $400 store voucher once they pass a background check and you can take the cash. we got a lot of reaction to the story on the facebook page. roy writes two words, guns kill. you put a gun in someone's hands other than law enforcement you're calling for more murders. but matthew replies guns are fine in those hands who are trained to use them. a person who is ignorant about guns is more change than the gun itself. and another comment was get a weapon with the getaway car. and today the families of two pennsylvania middle schoolers filed a free speech lawsuit against their school district. now school officials there had
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banned those $4 i heart boobies bracelets back in october. they said it's distracting and demeaning. well the 12 and 13 years old were suspended even though the parents gave them permission to wear them. the parents say they believe the suspensions were a bit harsh. rain is right on our doorstep. topper is still ahead with your wet and sloppy forecast. but first one passenger's refusal to submit to screening sparked an internet backlash. we'll have the latest on that up next.
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if you test my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> oh, my goodness. that is just part of the exchange between an airline passenger and a tsa agent and it's making headlines tonight. it comes just one week before one of the busiest travel days of the year. candice gibson shows us how new screening procedures are leading to long waits and backlash from travelers. >> reporter: john tyner was boarding a flight in san diego when he was asking -- asked to go through a body scanner. he said no. >> i opted out and they explained they were doing a patdown. >> reporter: he refused that too. recording his exchange from the agent on his cell phone. >> i don't understand how a sexual assault could be made a condition of my flying. >> this is not a sexual assault. >> it would be if you were the government. >> reporter: that went viral
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and he became the public face of passenger frustration. >> i think it invades privacy. >> i would rather you be intimate and me get on the plane safely than not. >> reporter: travelers complained that scanners show too much, revealing body parts through clothing and they say the patdowns are humiliating. passengers have been complaining about the procedures here at l.a.x. and other airports since they went into effect in july. but with the recent holiday travel about to start, officials are making no apologies about being aggressive. and the tsa plans to be tough. >> we'll like at the incident from start to finish as to what occurred and the potential -- the actual civil penalty could go as high as $11,000. >> reporter: homeland security officials plan to listen to passengers on how to proceed. but with the backlash growing, they may hear a lot. candice gibson, cbs news, los
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angeles. >> well he was never allowed to board the flight and american airlines refunded the cost of his ticket. now before this incident, a push to opt out of the security screening was gaining strength on the internet. they in favor of the more time- consuming patdowns. so what you do you think about opting out on the busiest travel day of the year. it won't get people's attention but is it the right day and time? share your thoughts with mcginty's mail back at on our facebook page lori posted opting out shouldn't be an option. then you shouldn't be allow to travel. she's heard about opting out and in sift on the obnoxiously intimate but much longer patdowns. and people are willing to
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appear for the airport security check in minimally acceptable clothing to embarrass others. log on to join us in the conversation. and fairfax county do not expect to see any f's in west potomac high school. they are doing away with the failing grade and they will get an "i" for incomplete. now the principal said students are encouraged to keep on working. do you think that dropping the f grade coddles students who aren't doing right or do you think this will end up being motivating for people struggling. share your thoughts in mcginty's mail bag at mag bag at -- mail bag. so it's going to be a wet night. >> temperatures in the 50s, but add rain to the mix and it's cooler than that. let's start with current teams with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. depending on where you are.
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a couple of areas in the 40s. but primarily 50s. 55 in fairfax, 50 in reston. 51 in sterling. still 54 out in leesberg. but 52 in rockville, bethesda, college park and 51 in beltsville. and there is the one 49 up in laurel and columbia. cooler off to the north and east. so the redskin forecast then, temperatures in the 50s. 7:00 drive but by 9:00 we'll see showers. and by 11:00 we'll see rain and showers. temperatures in the low 50s. all right, let's talk about the outside story. locate your umbrella. tuesday morning will be a wet commute. tuesday evening is a wet commute and wednesday -- tuesday will be cooler. wednesday is going to be nice. it will be windy but still a very nice day. now we're coming off what is perhaps the nicest weekend i can remember in november. so we've had it lucky. got to pay the piper a little bit at some point. tonight there is the rain and showers, perhaps as far north as frederick by about 10:00. let me go back to live doppler 9,000. you can access this on our
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website at rain now for the time being. southern maryland and fredericksberg down 95 and to the south of culpeper. now zoom in just a little bit and we'll kind of see the rain up to stafford, not quite to la plata. where will it go in the next hour? we'll put this into motion and it will march northeast ward, almost to woodbridge, through la plata in the next hour and that's why i think it will be maybe in the redskin game before the half -- the first half ends. back to the computer we go. by 2:00 in the morning, some showers to the north and just light activity. we get kind of a break after that and then another round of showers develop. the good news is light green is just light activity. don't see any flooding tomorrow or anything. i do see some heavy activity by lunchtime. this is light to moderate to occasionally heavy down toward manassas and on the west side of 95, so that will make the evening commute wet as well. and the showers will linger into tomorrow evening a little bit. so for tonight then, cloudy and
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cool. showers developing by midnight. low temperatures 44-50. we get into the day planner, 44- 50 to start, 53 by lunchtime and 55 by evening. so temperatures really don't do a whole lot tomorrow. the next three days -- once through tomorrow in good shape, maybe a shower early on wednesday but 63 and nice and cooler on thursday. next seven days, cooler still on friday, only 55. and then look at that. another nice weekend. 60 on saturday with sunshine. 60 on sunday. terps in town and play 8:00 on saturday night. and it looks great. and next monday there are temperatures in the low 60s. that said, the middle part of next week is more like winter. >> we like that the weather is nice for the weekend. >> it's a nice groove. to the weird news file because spiderman can shoot webs. here is the real spider-man in melbourne, australia where a man has 400 real life spiders.
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his name is nicholas. he he is -- he is bedding down with spiders. and he said he's been hanging out with them so he's not worried about them biting him. he's going for the record, that's three weeks living with spiders. and he's raising money for a children's charity and that is what people say when they are about to do something crazy. we want to hear what you think. send you are e-mails to mcginty's mail bag at 9 news now will be right back.
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station is here for you bright and early in the morning. we are here at 4:25 a.m. in the mail tonight, jack johnson, the prince george's county executive in trouble with the law on corruption charges. but freedland in silver spring seems to have convicted him. he is as innocent as oj simpson was. too bad for johnson that he can't get johnny cochran to defend him. and then the question of whether the smithsonian should charge fees to make ends meet. mitch said we ought to think about the tourists. i've heard many times from people that one of the great things about washington is how
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our museums are free. many of them have rarely if ever been to a museum because fees were too expensive. incidentally who are these people who thinks $7.50 isn't much money. they've never been broke. isn't this what we as a society want people to do. and then there is the tourist family of five that would have to pay. and then hector from stafford virginia said we are missing the silver lining on the cloud. the reality is 75% of citizens are over weight and they could walk and down the stairs as opposed to riding. so if i were the ceo of metro i would contribute to the fellow citizens by turning off all 588 escalators. you can imagine how much healthier we would be. i could imagine a lot of folks stopping to rest. have you been to wheaton
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glenmont, with no walking, just riding the escalator, that takes 2 minutes 45 seconds. exercise is great, torture not so much. metro needs to have the escalators for all of our sake. send me an e-mail at mail bag at or join the conversation on the wusa 9 facebook page. that's our report. i'll be back here tonight with anita brikman. and tonight searchers spend millions trying to cure cancer but tonight the easier way might be to change your diet. log on to we'll see you later. bye-bye. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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triple berry torte and black forest cake. now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> jessica simpson's surprise engagement. her three stone engagement ring, her groom to be and prenup? and heidi and spencer renew their vows. the "e.t." exclusive. >> this one might be it. and shopping for a dress, setting the record straight. >> is this just another publicity stunt? >> reality tv's most-talked about people. are they broke? >> i love money more than most people. >> can bristol make it to the final three? >> i'm tough, i'm strong and focused on getting through another week. plus new footage, skeet shooting with her mom. >> mom -- take your prom hair back home. >> then, brandy with niecy, opening up about her eating disorder. >> i stopped eating. >> how bad did it get?


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